Beachbody Coaching at a Glance


If your asking me this question, clearly the answer I’m going to give you is HELL YES!! If you love fitness, love yourself and love helping others, then this is a no brainer. Do you realize how amazing it feels to get paid doing something so positive? Seriously though, that’s my job! To workout and share my journey. It keeps me accountable and fit! Darn. I get to better myself while changing others lives. Darn again. I really can’t find one single thing as a coach that I do not like.

The best part is you can go as far as you like with it. You can be a discount coach and get 25% off everything (including Shakeology!!!). A hobby coach that works it part-time for a little extra cash on the side. A full time, all in, career driven entrepreneur.

I am a huge fan of the trainers, the nutrition and the sense of family that comes with it. My whole world has changed since Beachbody and as a coach I feel like I can pay it forward and help others feel the same as I do; about life, fitness, nutrition and mental health.


Well that’s easy!


Share your goals. Share your passion. Share your results. Lead by example. Invite. Motivate. Encourage. Personal development.

All from home. Or on the road. Wherever you are, you can take work with you. But I’ll tell you one thing, it wont feel like work. It will become something more. A passion. Seeing people take care of themselves and put their trust in you is very rewarding.

Speaking of rewarding!!…Beachbody even rewards you when you help people! With prizes!! How many of your bosses do that?

If you think that this might be something for you or you have any questions, let’s chat! I’d love to discuss if this is the right FIT for you. (you like that pun I did there?)




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Author: jennyinjasper

Beachbody health and fitness coach. Mother of three amazing children. Living in the Canadian rocky mountains. Knitter. Wife.

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