Is maintaining a goal weight just as hard as reaching a goal weight?

Is maintaining a goal weight just as hard as reaching a goal weight?

Good question! This is where I’m at today. The borderline of goal weight and goal reached. I have literally worked my ass off for the last 7 months. I am SUPER proud of my accomplishments. I am feeling at a personal limbo…..what’s next?

goal weight. Check.
gain confidence. Check.
eat healthy 90% of the time. Check.
Workout everyday and make it a habit. Check.

But can I be honest, I actually struggle more some days.

(No, there is NO WAY I’m going back to who I was 7 months ago) This is where id argue that starting is harder then maintaining. Cause that shits hard! But once you have started and have those goals is that easier?

Here I am, I have reached these goals I set out for myself. Checking the measuring tape after weeks of intense exercise isn’t giving me that instant satisfaction anymore. My before and afters are looking similar. Again, not complaining. I simply want to reach out to the those who get to this point! Its time to set new ones……and stick to the current one. What goals do you follow? Did anyone give you the instructions for after the goals? One starts to flounder around. They remember a cheat day months ago and remember not gaining more than a few ounces so that must be OK. They are tired today and don’t really want to go work out. Not losing anymore, so one day won’t hurt. No rules- making them up as you go along. Before you know it, ten pounds are back. Now, you can go back to the goals- yay! So the yo-yo starts.

So what happens now?
Answer: The key to keeping it off is to never treat your food choice or activity like a diet. Its just the way it is from this moment forward.

Lifestyle- not goals.

Evidence shows people go back to their old habits and 65% regain the weight they’ve lost within 4 years. Be the 35% that don’t. Don’t go back to your old habits.

If your like myself you need to have written or set goals to work towards. Of course this is a way of life, a lifestyle, but who doesn’t want to reach goals and smash them and set new ones. This is how we grow!……..I’m just figuring this lifestyle out as I go along.

So for me, the next step is personal development. I want to focus more energy on become a better person to others, and mostly to and for myself. I need to stick to my lifestyle, drop the idea of setting goals about fitness and food. Focus on new goals and making them a part of my lifestyle and on and on. Till I have met the best possible version of myself I can be, and maintain that, cause that’s who I am. One goal at a time, I am becoming more myself then I ever was.


Author: jennyinjasper

Beachbody health and fitness coach. Mother of three amazing children. Living in the Canadian rocky mountains. Knitter. Wife.

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